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Skilled Guidance On Elder Law And Guardianship

The Schweppe Law Firm, P.A., can help plan your legacy and protect your assets.

Our clients often require guidance as they confront legal issues involving the care of elders. Decisions such as moving a parent to a nursing home or initiating guardianship proceedings are emotional and require detailed consideration. We are experienced in developing elder care plans and offer thorough and thoughtful guidance during this stressful process.

Do You Have Decisions To Make About Medicaid?

In the event that Medicaid planning is required, asset protection is a necessity. While long-term nursing home care is expensive, Medicaid can help cover these costs if you qualify. This qualification often requires an estate plan, which can be developed by our attorneys. Even if your loved one is already in a nursing home, we can help. Our firm provides clients with a thorough explanation of the laws related to Medicaid.

A single mistake in Medicaid planning can be extremely expensive and might disqualify you or a loved one from receiving skilled care. If disqualified, you may be forced to sell your home or deplete other assets to cover the entire cost of your nursing home care. Moreover, the government can seek reimbursement for any Medicaid benefits you received in error and pursue Medicaid Estate Recovery after death.

While Medicaid planning and related elder law issues are complex, we are experienced in overcoming these challenges. Let us help you avoid losing assets and money. In addition to the attorneys, our full-time staff includes a certified public accountant who assists with planning and implementing these complicated plans. Our knowledge and experience will prevent the depletion of your estate by taking full advantage of all available Medicaid benefits to cover the rising expenses associated with medical treatment and nursing home care.

Do You Have A Need For Guardianship?

If your spouse, parent or loved one requires protective care, it may become necessary to name a legal guardian to safeguard their financial well-being or seek appropriate medical care. A guardian may be appointed by the court if it is proven that the person is not competent to manage his own affairs.

Many elderly persons do not realize that they are unable to care for themselves or are at risk of financial abuse. If you are concerned about an ailing parent or relative, we can assist with the complicated court process of naming a legal guardian to secure their financial well-being and health. Our attorneys can provide a thoughtful and detailed analysis of the advantages of guardianship proceedings. We assist in the collection of evidence and documentation of your loved one’s circumstances and work quickly to bring the case before the appropriate court officials. If you find yourself struggling with these issues, call us today for a consultation.