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Protecting Your Rights In Eminent Domain Cases

Eminent domain cases arise when the government is attempting to take land for public use. The government may take property for any number of reasons, including the expansion of a road or park, the installation of power lines, the construction of a bridge or other public purposes. To take land, the government must establish a public purpose and necessity.

If the government is attempting to take your land, protect your rights by retaining an experienced real estate attorney at The Schweppe Law Firm, P.A. We can challenge the government’s taking by arguing that the government does not have a valid public purpose or necessity. If the government has legitimate grounds for taking your land, we can negotiate or litigate on your behalf to seek maximum value for your property.

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We Will Protect Your Rights

We understand that property owners often feel helpless when faced with the immense power of the state. However, you have rights.

With decades of legal experience, our attorneys have helped countless clients protect their property rights. We have experience representing residential and commercial property owners in condemnation cases where the government is seeking to take land through the power of eminent domain. As a client of our firm, you will have a strong advocate on your side.

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