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Shelby, NC Crime Rate 2024

Everyone wants to live somewhere they can feel safe and protected against the likelihood of becoming a victim of property…

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North Carolina DWI Laws and Penalties 2024 Explained

Even if you thought you were drinking responsibly, having the misfortune of being pulled over at the wrong time can…

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What To Know About NC Real Estate Boundary Laws

Real estate can be a complicated legal matter in the state of North Carolina. Real estate disputes, for one, can…

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Creating a planned giving program

All throughout North Carolina, there are hundreds of worthy charities and organizations that could use financial assistance. Some of these…

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Why a purchase offer should be custom, not boilerplate

Buying a piece of real property in North Carolina could very well be the biggest transaction someone ever completes. They…

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Appointing a professional executor

Choosing a responsible executor in a will is a critical element of estate planning. North Carolina testators may have a…

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Older people are less likely to have an estate plan

It’s always been pretty common for young adults in North Carolina to delay planning their estates. However, a recent trend…

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What is required for a burglary charge?

In North Carolina, burglary is a felony offense punishable by a maximum sentence of up to 160 months. The legal…

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Unequal treatment when crafting an estate plan

Assets remaining in your North Carolina estate will be transferred to beneficiaries after you die. A common strategy is to…

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Tips for reducing family conflict over an estate plan

People who are part of North Carolina families where there is a good deal of conflict may face some additional…

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