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North Carolina home-selling tips

Navigating the world of real estate brings with it complex challenges. However, if you would like to sell your home,…

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Red flags to watch for in a business partner in North Carolina

You might have heard horror stories of bad business partners causing trouble or even ruining an entire organization. However, partnerships…

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Legal options available when a seller didn’t disclose defects

Buying a new home could be a joyous occasion for many North Carolina residents. Unfortunately, problems may reveal themselves not…

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What is a last will and testament?

An estate refers to someone’s net worth and includes that individual’s property and assets. Debts and obligations factor into an…

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Common Estate Planning Mistakes in North Carolina & How to Avoid Them?

Estate planning is an integral part of any responsible financial plan. Whether you have amassed a huge personal net worth…

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Should you write your estate plan yourself?

Planning your North Carolina estate by yourself may seem like a great way to save money. If you have only…

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How does password management fit into estate planning?

People find themselves more reliant on digital media than ever before. Online banking and bill paying, for example, remains the…

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Tips for expediting the closing process

The process of buying a home is often a complex one that may take several weeks to complete. However, there…

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