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Info about Articles of Incorporation for N.C. businesses

Starting a business in North Carolina is an exciting – and complicated – process. It’s normal to be overwhelmed by…

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Does your LLC need an operating agreement?

An LLC operating agreement is almost always worth having, even though it isn’t required by North Carolina state law. This…

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Should you set up an LLC or partnership in North Carolina?

LLCs and partnerships in North Carolina are two of the possible business structures you could set up. They are similar…

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Why work with an attorney when starting a business?

When starting a business, it can be tempting to rely on your own business acumen. However, seeking assistance from other…

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Negotiating employee salaries in North Carolina

Negotiating employee salaries is an issue that many employers face. As a business owner, you may have felt uncomfortable during…

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Does your small business need a business law attorney?

North Carolina entrepreneurs may find that their businesses are thriving, but with so much growth can come growing pains. Did…

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Overview of employer responsibilities to employees

North Carolina and federal business laws establish certain responsibilities that employers owe to employees. Employer duties can be classified into…

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Red flags to watch for in a business partner in North Carolina

You might have heard horror stories of bad business partners causing trouble or even ruining an entire organization. However, partnerships…

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