Overview of employer responsibilities to employees


North Carolina and federal business laws establish certain responsibilities that employers owe to employees. Employer duties can be classified into three broad categories:

  • Pay employees.
  • Ensure fair treatment of employees.
  • Keep employees safe.

Pay employees

One of the most fundamental obligations of employers to employees is to ensure that workers are paid in accordance with the mandates of North Carolina and federal business law regulations. This includes statutes associated with such matters as minimum wage and overtime compensation.

Ensure fair treatment of employees

Another general duty and legal obligation of employers to employees is to treat all workers fairly. These mandates include everything from equal pay for equal work to equal employment opportunities. The mandate to treat all employees fairly also includes specific considerations enumerated in the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA.

Keep employees safe

Finally, employers must maintain a reasonably safe work environment for workers. Creating a perfectly hazard-free zone in a work environment is not something that can be achieved, but an employer must take all reasonable steps to maintain a safe work environment for employees. Workplace safety requires employers to maintain an adequate level of security and meet industry standards for employee protection.

An employee who believes that an employer is not satisfying the legal obligations owed to workers would be wise to consult with legal counsel. An experienced lawyer may help protect a worker’s rights on the job.