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North Carolina DWI Laws and Penalties 2024 Explained

Even if you thought you were drinking responsibly, having the misfortune of being pulled over at the wrong time can…

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What is required for a burglary charge?

In North Carolina, burglary is a felony offense punishable by a maximum sentence of up to 160 months. The legal…

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Questioning the reliability of roadside drug tests

Roadside drug tests are a staple in North Carolina law enforcement’s toolbox for detecting the presence of drugs in peiople…

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Cocaine laws in North Carolina

Cocaine is a Schedule II controlled substance in North Carolina, meaning that it is considered to have a high potential…

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Tax avoidance and evasion

The U.S. Tax Code presents specific details about what taxes people and companies pay, along with rules that might allow…

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Possessing controlled substances without a prescription

When a doctor writes a prescription, the prescribed medicine is only intended for one authorized person. There are inherent dangers…

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Contesting a Breathalyzer result in a trial

One of the most important duties law enforcement agencies have in North Carolina is removing intoxicated drivers from the highways.…

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How illegally obtained evidence can be declared ‘poisonous’ to justice

Like every other state, North Carolina has laws that limit what police can do to arrest people and charge them…

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The problems with eyewitness testimony

Eyewitness testimony is a type of information used in both criminal and civil cases that many people would like to…

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Penalties for DWI in North Carolina

Regardless of how they classify the offense, all states make drunk driving illegal to keep roads safe. Drunk driving is…

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