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Your Rights In Speeding Ticket And Moving Violations

At The Schweppe Law Firm, P.A., we have dedicated decades of our practice to protecting uninformed drivers of their rights. So many people assume that once they receive a ticket, the only option is to pay it and move on.

But there are strings attached to this approach. Never assume a simple speeding ticket has only simple consequences. If you pay your ticket through the mail, you are pleading guilty as charged and will miss valuable opportunities to improve your circumstances. Pleading guilty can and usually does affect your future driving privileges and your insurance.

Why You Should Negotiate A Ticket

Eventually, most drivers receive a speeding ticket or moving violation. Do not be tempted to pay the ticket. In nearly every case, we will mitigate the effects of a ticket, and you will never have to appear in court. In Cleveland County, with our representation, most speeding charges can be negotiated to the non-moving offense of “improper equipment.” This reduced offense carries no points on your driving record or your insurance. Drivers from across the country have trusted us to resolve their North Carolina tickets, and our representation is more affordable than you might think.

Find Out Why Not Paying Is Often The Better Option

We offer a free consultation so that you can understand your options and how contesting a ticket, rather than paying it, may be better for you. You will speak directly to the attorney handling your case. Unlike most other firms, we never delegate client consultations to support staff. As professional attorneys invested in this community and the firm, we value the personal relationships that we have with our clients. Let us show you the difference we can make. Call attorney David Schweppe today at 704-243-5124, or submit the facts and circumstances of your case directly to attorney Schweppe by using our website connection email.

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