How do you handle estate planning if you have a blended family?


A blended family is one in which one or both spouses have children from a previous relationship. This type of family can present unique estate planning challenges in North Carolina, and that’s why it’s important to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Take stock of all the unique needs

One of the challenges of estate planning for a blended family is that there are children from multiple relationships. This can make it difficult to decide how to distribute your assets in a way that is fair to all of your children. You’ll need to take into account the unique needs and circumstances of each child when making your decisions.

Make a plan that takes everyone into account

It’s important to make sure that your estate plan takes everyone in your blended family into account. This means making sure that all of your children are provided for, regardless of whether they are from your current relationship or a previous one. It can be helpful to sit down with your spouse and have a frank discussion about your wishes for your children.

Keep updating your plan as your family changes

Your estate plan is not set in stone. As your family changes and grows, you’ll need to update your plan to reflect these changes. This is especially important in a blended family, where new children may be added to the mix. Make sure to review your estate plan on a regular basis and make changes as needed.

Although estate planning for a blended family can be challenging, it’s important to take the time to create a plan that meets the unique needs of your family. By taking into account the special circumstances of each child and updating your plan as your family changes, you can ensure that your assets get distributed according to your wishes.