How to get your home ready to sell


The process of selling a home is a stressful proposition for North Carolina residents. Whether you’re moving because you found your dream home, you need to relocate for work or you want to move closer to a family member, selling your home takes a lot of work. If you’re considering putting your home on the market, make a plan that involves these steps.

Detaching yourself

Residential real estate is a unique entity because people develop sentimental attachments to their homes. However, when you decide to list your home, it’s important to remember that other people don’t share those attachments. Don’t let the memories you’ve made in your home cause you to overprice the property or become unwilling to negotiate with buyers.

Embracing minimalism

If you’re going to live in the house while it’s on the market, people are going to come and view the property while you’re living there. Potential buyers don’t like clutter. Take a minimalistic approach while your house is on the market so potential buyers can better envision themselves living in it.

Deep clean

You can probably look around your home and see some things that need to be cleaned. While you’re living there, those things may not seem important, but they matter to prospective buyers. You can hire a company to deep clean your home for around $250 on average, or you can tackle the job yourself.

Complete repairs

Much like cleaning, there are probably some items you’ve meant to fix up around your home. Whether it’s a window needing replacing or some fresh paint on the front door, get those items done before you show the home.

Working with a licensed real estate agent is a great way to sell your home faster and for a better price. Your agent will also provide you with insight into how to get your home ready for buyers.