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Knowing the basics of your will before you sign

Many people in North Carolina have received the advice that they should prepare a will, but they may not be…

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What are my responsibilities as executor of estate in North Carolina?

Becoming an executor of an estate probably sounds intimidating for most North Carolina residents. While the position comes with a…

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Revocable living trust and how they work

For those living in North Carolina who want to plan their estates, a revocable living trust is a useful tool…

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3 reasons to consider a revocable living trust

Estate planning is different for everyone. Depending on your assets and your family situation, you may or may not require…

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The most important estate planning documents

No one likes to think about death, but it is something that every North Carolina has to face at some…

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The step by step process of real estate transactions

Purchasing a home in a North Carolina real estate transaction is a unique process compared to buying other assets. It…

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Ramifications of a pour-over will

A pour-over will is a special tool that is useful for people in North Carolina who have trusts as a…

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3 common estate planning mistakes

Estate planning is an integral part of any responsible financial plan. Whether you have amassed a huge personal net worth…

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Remember to include your pets in your estate planning

When planning your estate in North Carolina, there’s much to consider. Sadly, there are certain beloved members of the family…

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Why you should revisit your estate plan and update it

Even if you already have an estate plan in place in North Carolina, it’s worth revisiting and updating your estate…

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