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Challenges to know about when buying real estate

It is critical that you perform due diligence prior to buying commercial or residential real estate properties in North Carolina.…

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The demands of the real estate profession

As a real estate professional in North Carolina, you know the challenges of working in this industry. Whether you are…

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The facts about commercial real estate appraisals

Commercial real estate appraisers in North Carolina provide an estimated opinion of value for income-producing property. Depending on the complexity,…

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The real estate closing process in North Carolina

Closing is the final step to owning your dream home in North Carolina. This process involves several individuals, including the…

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What you need to know about owner financing

Owner financing is a popular option for buyers and sellers in the home-buying market, especially in North Carolina. However, it…

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What should you know about property lines in North Carolina?

Property lines define the legal boundary limits of your lot. Knowing your property lines helps you understand the points where…

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Are ARMs worth the risk?

Interest rates and the North Carolina housing market are hot topics. With each rise in interest rates, millions of homeowners…

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Roth IRAs or real estate investing: What’s the best option?

North Carolina is a state full of people who work hard to earn their livings. You don’t want your hard-earned…

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Home buyers and real estate insights

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions a person could make. Successful home ownership could result in…

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Spotting problems early can help avoid real estate closing delays

If you’re purchasing a home in North Carolina, you’ve probably searched for the perfect property to fit your requirements. Becoming…

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