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The basics and examples of property taxes in North Carolina

roperty taxes are the greatest source of revenue for North Carolina’s local government. As such, they are taken seriously. If…

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The basics of real estate investing

Real estate investing attracts many people interested in owning a property that grows in value. A core concept of real…

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Know these contingencies if you’re buying a home

If you’re a first-time home buyer, it’s essential that you understand contingencies. Many people who have never bought a home…

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What happens when you close on a house?

Buying a new home is an exciting venture for residents of North Carolina. Once you find the one, you can…

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Why is a land survey important in real estate transactions?

Before buying real estate in North Carolina, it’s wise to conduct a land survey. Real estate agents sometimes make mistakes…

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Notable changes in real estate law

The financial crisis of 2008 and onward shone a lot of light on the real estate market, especially on how…

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What to know about buying your first home

Buying a home can be an excellent way to build wealth and become a permanent part of a North Carolina…

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Should you hire an attorney when buying a home?

The state of North Carolina generally requires buyers to hire an attorney to assist with the closing process. Although you…

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Disclosure requirements for selling property in North Carolina

When you are thinking of listing your home in North Carolina there are a few disclosure requirements. Providing proper disclosures…

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What you need to know about home disclosures in North Carolina

North Carolina law requires home sellers to give buyers a disclosure statement, but there are certain things that they don’t…

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