Why is a land survey important in real estate transactions?


Before buying real estate in North Carolina, it’s wise to conduct a land survey. Real estate agents sometimes make mistakes in showing you a property or plot of land. Sellers of a house may also not correctly understand the property lines.

Correct property lines

You can’t rely on the real estate agent or seller to get the property lines correct. Only a land surveyor can accurately inform you of exactly where your property ends. He or she will give you more details to help you understand where the property lines are so that you don’t infringe upon someone else’s land.

There is more than one instance of someone buying real estate that turned out to belong to someone else. Couples who built their homes on the plot that belonged to someone else went through a difficult situation once they found out.

It’s possible to obtain a building permit for land that isn’t yours because the government doesn’t conduct land surveys before issuing a permit. The responsibility is on you to make sure the land you use is truly yours.

Information about third-party interests

You can only reliably discover third-party interests in a piece of real estate through a land survey. A surveyor will notify you of easements and encroachments on the property. He or she will also explain how these easements and encroachments affect you and your plans for the property. You can ask the surveyor about any real estate restrictions that may exist.

Land surveys bring to your attention vital information about access rights to a piece of real estate you’re interested in. Conducting a land survey before buying real estate also helps prevent you from using land that belongs to someone else.